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Length: 9 min 45 sec.

This is the Bigband Version without any sequences and electronics!

Check the recording on JBBG-Jazz Bigband Graz's album ELECTRIC POETRY & Lo-Fi Cookies (Intuition Records 34072)


INFO: In this piece a lot of marks of electronic music (like sinuswaves, filters and delays) are transferred to the brass- and woodwindsection and leads to it's own universe. It was inspired by the monotone and repetitive noise of a fast train crossing Poland from North to South.


Performance Note: Try this piece in a circle bigband setting and you will be getting rewarded the same live left-right effects like you hear on the record! This means that the horns are placed in a circle (from left to right: woodwinds, trombones & trumpets) around the rhyhtmsection. Similar to the setting like of Don Ellis' Bigband in the late 70's and exactly like the JBBG - Jazz Bigband graz does it now!


GRADE INFO: 1st Trumpet up to E''' (can be played 8va easily)

for Reed Doublings check the Frontpage!

"TRANCEFACTOR" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

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