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Length: 8 min 30 sec.

As played by the JBBG-Jazz Bigband Graz. Check the recording on their album TRUE STORIES (Natango Music 57614-2)

INFO: This piece is inspired by the fact that "time" has so many meanings to each and everybody but is undoubtly one of the most important facts of life. So what would happen if "time" would stand still? The horns are playing just chords and up to six rhythmical micropatterns/loops along each other which causes the effect of not feeling any form or "time" at all and more or less forces your brain to switch to a pulse only. Fun to groove for both, the players and the audience!

GRADE: It is quite easy to play and more a matter of concentration. No instrument restrictions (1st trumpet up to g'') but be prepared that the horns will have to face rhythmical responsibility. Check Woodwind doublings on the Front page!

"TIME" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

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