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- Length: 10 min

This is the Bigband Version without any sequences and electronics!

Check the recording on JBBG-Jazz Bigband Graz's album ELECTRIC POETRY & Lo-Fi Cookies (Intuition Records 34072)


INFO: This beautiful ong oriented piece is inspired by the poem "The Smile Of Smiles" by William Blake. With its simplicity it sets up a very melancolic mood with strong lyrics and a very delightful and simple arrangement for the horns. As the lyrics go wilder and refer to the topic of the last breath we all gonna face, the horns go crazy as well. A very nice Solospot for any instrument played with strong expression and passion. Still one of my favourite tunes!


Performance Note: Try this piece (as a lot of others) in a circle bigband setting and you will be getting rewarded the same live left-right effects like you hear on the record! This means that the horns are placed in a circle (from left to right: woodwinds, trombones & trumpets) around the rhyhtmsection. Similar to the setting like of Don Ellis' Bigband in the late 70's and exactly like the JBBG - Jazz Bigband graz does it now!

GRADE: Simple! 1st Trumpet up to written d'''. Woodwind doublings check Front page!

"THE SMILE OF SMILES" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

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