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Length: 17 min

This is the Bigband Version without any sequences and electronics!

Check the recording on JBBG-Jazz Bigband Graz's album ELECTRIC POETRY & Lo-Fi Cookies (Intuition Records 34072)


INFO: This is an epic composition in three sections inspired by an African chant of the Mbuti Pygmies in the rainforests of the Republic of Kongo (formerly named Zaire) which you will hear at teh very end of the piece. The rhythmic pattern with its natural chorus delay effect is reflected in every part. It is also dedicated to the great Meshell N'degeocello who's rhythmical approach is always an inspiration to me.


Performance Note: Try this piece (as a lot of others) in a circle bigband setting and you will be getting rewarded the same live left-right effects like you hear on the record! This means that the horns are placed in a circle (from left to right: woodwinds, trombones & trumpets) around the rhyhtmsection. Similar to the setting like of Don Ellis' Bigband in the late 70's and exactly like the JBBG - Jazz Bigband graz does it now!


GRADE INFO: 1st Trumpet up to written e''' (can be played 8va easily).

For Reed Doublings check the Frontpage!

"MESHELL's DREAMLAND" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

€ 89,00Price
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