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Length: 8 min.

This is the Bigband Version without any sequences and electronics!


INFO: This piece is inspired by a hot air balloon ride. Seeing the land from this angle gives you a lot of inspiration what the world is about and how free we feel in the air. The melodies reflect the vastness of the country. This is what this piece is all about! The rhythm is a straight ahead Rockgroove with a lot of different Soloinstrument options such as guitar, keyboards, all brass or woodwinds and even some more experimental instruments could match perfectly!


GRADE: Although the tonality is little tricky in general this piece is pretty easy to play. 1st Trumpet until f#''' but can be played also Octave down.

"FLY ME AWAY" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

€ 65,00Price
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