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Length: 12 min 15 sec.

This is the Bigband Version without any sequences and electronics!

Check the recording on JBBG-Jazz Bigband Graz's album Urban Folktales (ACT Music 9528)


INFO: This beautiful piece is mostly inspired from Classical Music with some Rock elements in the Solosection and a lot of fragments of Minimal Music. The mood of this piece is exactly reflected by it's titel and what it means to "come home". This piece can beautifully work as the last piece of a concert or an encore. Trust me!


GRADE: The tonality is little tricky but rewarding. Trumpet until f#''' but can be played also Octave down. Woodwind doublings check Front page!

"COMING HOME" - Music for Jazzorchestra (Score & Parts)

€ 75,00Price
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